Clement Tan has been my Personal Trainer for almost 3 years and my husband’s for almost 2 years.

When I first arrived in Singapore in Sept 2014, I joined California Fitness and was allocated Clement as my Personal Trainer. I have never looked back! I initially trained with Clement at California Fitness 3 times a week until Feb 2006, when I needed surgery for an old skiing injury. From then on Clement agreed to come to my condo and has been train, 3 times a week, at Grange Residences.

Clement is an extremely professional, knowledgeable, punctual, resourceful and approachable person. He offers a varied workout, often providing his own equipment, along with nutritional advice. He likes to “work with” his clients. After all, working with a Personal Trainer is a team effort!

His Personal Training sessions offer value for money and he always starts with a warm up session and finishes with a stretching session.

He offers encouragement when needed and strives to attain the goals one has set for oneself, like for example, weight loss, strength training, or general improvement in fitness and body tone.

My husband decided to train with Clement 2 years ago, having seen how much I was benefitting from my training sessions with Clement. As he travels a lot, Clement was able to adapt both his schedule and his personal training methods to suit my husband’s needs.

We would both highly recommend Clement as a Personal Trainer to anyone in Singapore, regardless of age or fitness level. He is hardworking and strives to improve his knowledge constantly.

Clement makes training in the gym bearable and almost fun, if that is possible.

Suzanne and Calvin Shields