A few months into my second pregnancy, I observed Clement as he coached one of his clients. Upon the recommendation of that client, I decided to try Clement’s services. I wanted to maintain a proper weight (as I had gained too much with my first child) and avoid injuring myself by using improper techniques while exercising. My only concern was that Clement would go too easy on me because of my condition. It took only one lesson to learn I had no need to worry about that! Clement ensured I had challenging but appropriate workouts through the remainder of my pregnancy. I always felt I was working hard but safely, and never worried that I would injure myself or hurt the baby. Thanks to Clement’s great regimen, I managed to keep off the unnecessary weight. Both during my pregnancy and afterwards, many people complimented my healthy appearance. If it hadn’t been for Clement, I would not have looked or felt as good. I would recommend
Clement to anyone who wants to improve their physical fitness safely.

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Jenna Bucha