My wife and I trained with Clement separately over the past three and a half years with much personal benefit. We both highly recommend Clement for his professional, motivational and educational approach to personal training, fitness and flexibility.

I personally have focused on core strength, flexibility and stamina to improve my running and cycle race times plus all round performance. I have greatly improved my times, built core strength, feel faster, fitter and have a great appreciation of my training regime due to Clement’s training and advice.

My wife has regained core strength, flexibility and stamina following the birth of our second daughter due to Clement’s programmes and focus. She has returned fitter and stronger than pre-children and genuinely enjoys her sessions with Clement.

I highly recommend Clement and hope you enjoy the sessions as much as Nicola and I have.

Clive Christison
Country President
BP Singapore
CEO Integrated Supply and Trading, BP Eastern Hemisphere.